1.9 GHS Ethereum Mining Rig - FPGA


1.9 GHS FPGA ?? Yeah you read that right. A Video was surfaced last week, claiming that a FPGA running on an unnamed bitstream at 1.9 GHS per second for ETHASH. When you read it, it might look too good to be true. I even watch the video 3 times to believe it on screen. If that is the case, then that FPGA could make $35 per day with ease. People would buy the bitstream itself for $500. But it looks too good to be true. Ethash is a memory hungry algorithm. VCU1525 has 64GB on board DD4 DIMM memory and 32.5 GB/S transceivers. There isn't enough memory for this FPGA to provide 1.9 GHS. So, this report is likely to be fake. A lot of fake videos like this will arise since there is lot of hype around FPGA, we should wait for it then.

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