$20/day profitability for FPGA mining?


Leaks and images have been pouring in the internet everyday. Zetheron managed to run 8 VCU1525s on a standard Asus mobo. Surprisingly, the set up is quite simple. Unlike GPUs you dont need to connect the PCie 1X cables to the mobo. All you need is USB cables. A single USB cable connects the FPGA to the mobo. Same applies for all the FPGAs. Once connected you will need a valid bitstreams and a software like Vivado to run the bitstreams. Then you are all set and good to go. 

It sounds easy but I cant imagine how long does this take for Zetheron to set this thing up.
A recent report said that 0xbitcoin bitstream aka SHA3 algorithm bitstream from an anonymous source give about 15GHs that makes about $20 per day. Quite surprising it is, because the bitstreams from Zetheron can go upto 17GHs which tend to make only $8 per day. Either the report should be fake or the official calculator is false. I tried to contact the anonymous guy but couldn't get an reply on the profit.

Well, my order is in progress and Im expecting delivery pretty soon. So, if the reports are believed to be true then Im so happy to have one right now. The noted thing about FPGA is that there are very little numbers of FPGA used for mining [few hundereds may be] that no. could rise to 4000 in a year. But that doesn't increase the network difficulty like the ASIC does. Also, the power consumption is less than 300W. These are all pretty tempting and make the miners to try it.

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