CVP 13 Faster than BCU 1525? - New FPGA Card


There is a new FPGA in town. CVP 13 - A bittware product currently pre sale on mineority. The Board is powered by Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale+ VU13P 2E, and the rest is manufactured by Bittware. CVP 13 is rumored to be 50% faster than BCU1525, and ROI must be twice as faster as the former. CVP 13 is cooled either by air or liquid. Whitefire confirmed that the performance will be off the charts if it is Immerse Cooled. Guess, we have to learn about immersion cooling from now on. 

This new FPGA is said to be most profitable for X16R, Cryptonight and X17. However complex algorithm like Equihash will need 2 or more FPGA chained together. The Price of one CVP 13 is $5750 exclusive of Shipping and taxes. BCU1525 is yet to be delivered and there is no single piece available anywhere for public, and it is claimed to be more powerful than VCU1525., CVP 13 that comes at 1.5x pricier who have more bucks to try on these? 

Well, without hands on no one would love to have these. But the day is not too far when BCU1525 is delivered. The team is so confident to start shipping in September. Like I said, upcoming days will be interesting. Watch this space for more updates. 

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