High Profitability Equihash Bitstream for FPGA ?


BIG NEWS COMING IN. The developer behind SHA3 bitstreams, is now ready with Equihash bitstream. When asked about next bitstream, he said that, he had almost 6 bitstreams in the making. He also said that it took him more time than initially thought. Then, he came up with an update. It seems, he will release a bitstream that could support algorithm that exists in the ASIC with predictable profitability and with a stable network hashrate.

If we look for such things in ASIC, SHA256 is the most stable algorithm but it is not profitable for ASIC now. Newly launched Equihash ASICs matched all the above, so he must be talking about Equihash, This is such an exciting news today. Equihash network hashrate is always stable and has a lot of profitable coins. There is a speculation that prominent equihash coins will fork to a more GPU friendly algorithm like equi 144_5 or any. If that happens then the equihash bitstream needs to be re-programmed as well. Anyway, lets wait and see.

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