KU040 Cheapest FPGA that makes $3 per day

Source - YOUTUBE
KU040 from Xilinx is like the most underrated FPGA cards in the market. Available so easily yet no spot light on these beasts. There are some bitstreams, here and there claimed to be profitable upto $1-$2 for KU040 but none was proved. Our beloved Whitefire, proved all critics wrong but providing a video featuring KU040 in action. It is like one of the low end boards from Xilinx priced at $975. In the picture you can see, custom heat sinks and some provisions for Volatage is made to the stock board.

With this set up, he could get a maximum hashrate of 1.9 GH/s for 0xbitcoin, 3.9 GH/s for Bismuth and 650 MH/s for Nexus. You may think that ain't much but the fact is KU040 runs at a maximum of 60W. With that hash, $3 per day is inevitable. For the cost of less than $1000, I'd say this is remarkable. There is still some work left in it, so I expect a little bit improvement in the hashrate. Those who want to try an FPGA, KU040 should be your first choice.

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