VCU1525 Vs BCU1525 - Which is the Beast in mining?



VCU1525 was released in Nov 2017. It was first released with no fans for cooling, later there was an another release which has the exact same specifications but with an active cooler. Both the versions are released exclusively for Servers. Our mining community is no short of talents, they make the best use of VCU1525. 


BCU1525 is yet to be launched. BCU1525 is basically an modded version of VCU1525. The board is powered by Xilinx and the rest is classified. Currently, some companies are taking pre orders for BCU1525 which was due release on August initially. Now, the delivery is pushed to Q4. Only a little details about BCU1525 is shared on mineority and 

VCU1525 vs BCU1525:

VCU1525 is a stock development board from Xilinx, nothing added nor removed. On the other hand, BCU1525 is powered by Xilinx board or chip and other specifications are not yet revealed. But it is assured that BCU1525 will be equipped with best mods and cooling systems that it will perform much better. Regarding availability, Xilinx sells VCU1525 only to companies, there is no individual purchase. Lead time could be 4-6 weeks. BCU1525 is believed to be available at Q4, 2018. Warranty is 90 days for both the cards.

Bitstreams are available for VCU1525 through various sources and a lot under development. BCU1525 is neither available nor reviewed anywhere. Sources say, the bitstream for BCU1525 will be closely similar but encrypted that it will run only on BCU1525. In order to make it work for VCU1525, some things need to be done. So there are still lot of work needed for BCU1525 and it is unlikely it will make on time.

Watch this space for more updates. Please share.

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