What is FPGA mining?


FPGA literally means "Field Programmable Gate Array"

FPGA mining is not a new thing, which was supposed to take on GPU mining back in 2013 but failed miserable making way for ASICs. FPGA is field programmable, as a device its just a hardware which can be programmed to do anything. Mining is one among them. FPGA is normally used in Machine learning and the recent development AI and Image processing. Big shots like Intel, Microsoft, IBM started investing in FPGA that makes the market fired up. When it comes to mining, everyone lags behind by miles, the truth is no on is willing to spend their time for programmable fpgas for mining.

Not all of them are like that. There are some small companies like Squirrel Labs, Bittware, Mineority and Zetheron technologies, grouped together to provide mods for mining and more importantly bitsreams. Creating programs or bitstreams is one heck of a thing. It will take loads of time, extensive knowledge to create one. There is a huge demand for such in the market and only a handful of people are working on providing bitstreams. 

Xilinx is leading provider of FPGA chips which is programmable to do mining. It was Zetheron aka whitefire who showcased the Xilinx fpga in action. He even created bitstreams and open sourced it with a dev fee. With lot of players in action, I must say the crypto mining market will be interesting in the upcoming months. Building a FPGA rig is quite simple but the uploading a bitstream in tricky but trust me overtime you wont feel a thing. The success of FPGA lies with the availability of bitstreams alone because the most power efficient FPGA rigs just need programs to run, which will be soon available.

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