600MH/s Raven Miner - FPGA Mining


Attentions Miners! There is a big news in town. Raven coin is mined using the energy efficient algorithm X16R. There have been rumours that Bitmain is developing an ASIC for X16R but X16R is ASIC resistant. We read about the upcoming FPGA, CVP 13 few days earlier, the exiting news is that. there is a bitstream in making for CVP 13. That bitstream is believed to offer 550 - 600MH/s for X16R under 300W. 

This is such a great hashrate for that power. With such a hashrate, we can mine 1750 RVN. For $5750, one can buy CVP 13 and probably expect delivery within november. But remember, CVP 13 has not launched yet and the bitstream neither. So, sit tight until the devices launch later this year and buy one.

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  1. I read on whitefires site that to use FPGA's for X16r you would need to have 2 or 3 of them hooked up together to be able to hash through all 16 algos.

    1. NVM. You are correct, the newest board can fit all 16 algos on it.