1 GH/s ETH Miners are Fake - FPGA Mining not for ETH


All the FPGAs that claim to have more than 150 MH/s for Ethash is fake. There are some developers who claim to have bitstreams that could go upto 1.4 GH/s for Ethash or dagger hashimoto. They are just facts, and are never proved anywhere. Persons who are claiming, till now never shared the proof or exact bitstreams. While looking at the value, a lot of people tempted to it and started to buy their hardware, coz that's the only way to get the bitstream.

Recently, one such individual or company, is selling hardware worth $20K. They also claimed those who buy will get ETH and CNV7 bitstreams for free. When asked about proof, they turned deaf ears. The famous girl behind ETHLargementPill , OhGodAGirl, recently quoted,

"Folks, under no circumstances can a single VCU1525 or BCU1525 achieve anything above 150 MH/s, at best (even with light cache churn)." 

She also told, ETH is a memory hungry algo and it needs TBs of memory to achieve the so called 1.4 GH/s. Such deceiving threads are at the maximum, so don't fell for it. Unless otherwise the developer or a company show a solid proof about their hardware or bitstream, don't buy from them. Share this info elsewhere so that no one will suffer.

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  1. and i know personnaly ohgodagirl.... can vouch for her , if shes says it's not doable.. then it's not

  2. Yes it is not doable. A lot of devs confirmed it, yet some ppl fell for this false claim

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