ETH code change will remove ASIC and FPGA out of Mining


We all know there is a hard fork for ETH named "Constantinople" that may arrive later this year. With this hard fork mining rewards are expected to be reduced to 2 ETH per block against 3 ETH per block now. Currently the coding process is underway. One the developers who is working on this took a time to share something,

"The type of code I advocate will remove ASICs and FPGAs out of the equations and will lead to GPU performance boost"

She also added that, the code is build on algorithm "ProgPOW" that will tend to reduce the GPU load to 20%. If the same program is tried to copied to an ASIC, they will eventually end up making a GPU rather than a fully functionable ASIC.

Well if these things are implemented in the hard fork, difficulty might slow down a little and not to forget the block reward reduction. Only time will tell what the ETH developers are really upto.

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