Water Cooled Vs Air Cooled - VCU1525


This is a million dollar question that every FPGA miner would think of. VCU1525 is the only FPGA that has bitstreams available public and a lot of FPGAs are under development. If you are not familiar with FPGA mining using VCU1525, you should see our earlier posts here. VCU1525 is available via group buy or corporate buy. BCU1525 on the other hand is a fully modded VCU1525, that needs no trimming, cutting, pasting or nothing, just plug and play.


VCU1525 Active Cooling board comes with a cooling fan which blows air onto the board. Its like a normal GPU which does the same. With the stock setup, any 0xbitcoin bitstreams can be loaded but the temperature is key thing to be noted for. With 13 GH/s bitstream the temperature will be within 75C, and the ambient temperature being less than 25C. That is a very normal temperature for GPU and so for the VCU1525. If we go for higher hashrate bitstreams like 17 GH/s then the temperature will be over the roof say 130C. No board can handle that much heat and so comes the Water Cooled.


Water cooled blocks are available from Cafe3d aka Richard. These blocks are designed exclusively for VCU1525. But you are gonna need DIY kit from Ekwb to set the water cooling system. That's a bit costly but its nothing when you are setting up $4000 board, right? Whitefire told, the water cooling doesnt give any favourable results if there is not heatsink attached to the back side of the board. If the heatsink and the waterblock, all set up 17 GH/s bitstreams can be loaded, in that case too the temperature will be around 104C which is huge, but Xilinx told the maximum temperature the board can withstand will be around 130C. The temperature is huge but the higher bistreams can yield higher profits too.

So, my take is if you are not familiar with cooling systems just run the 13 GH/s bitstream for the sake of your board. That itself gives satisfactory profit, if you dont want to max off your board with the risk of bricking it.

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