Blackminer F1 is very much real - Factory Visit

My china visit ended last week, and I am happy to say, I have visited the Blackminer factory during my visit. To say in one word, it was an awesome performance. Let me go through this.

First, Alex - the hardware engineer picked me up in my hotel [so nice of him] and then dropped me off by the factory. It is a huge factory and not to mention a full building is rented by the Blackminer for production, QC and packaging. Each floor is dedicated to do one particular task. First 3 floors for Circuit designs and integrating components. There was a huge assembly line [more than 3 per floor] to do so.

Fifth floor is what excited me more. This is where they put the chips in place and QC testing happens. I could see hashing boards here and there, testing. Each board is tested by professional before they made it into a miner. Faulty boards are picked up before that and dismantled. So, there is almost no possible way for faulty boards go into the miners. Finally, the big room that contains all the cloud miners [I guess they are being hosted], not to mention some 40 miners or more. 

I felt the ambient temperature was around 22 degree, so we can not find a better place than that, unless you have a very cold weather all the time in your place. They are neatly arranged and no monetary power losses. If you are gonna buy Blackminer, I suggest you host one. Better maintenance, better security and better hands. So go for it.


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