FPGA miners take on Ethereum - Already?

There has been widespread rumors that FPGA miners are already into Ethereum mining pools. But it remains as rumors unless there is any solid proof. [1.4GHs ETH miner is real?? ] Now that we have, I can strongly say, there is a huge possibility that it might be true after all. Voskcoin just confirmed it in his video. In Ethermine pool, there are lot of suspicious workers whose hashrates are in GigaHashes. Of course Big GPU miners and Farm owners could produce such hashrates. But the workers that Im referring to, are new and their hashrates are more than 100 GHs. In this bear market who would have bought tons of GPUs for mining farms and mine ethereum?

These miners are making tons of Ethereum over the past few days, as a FPGA miner myself I have no idea who might that be. Big players in FPGA market keep denying the fact that FPGA is not good for ETH mining. In a recent conversation in a group, OhGodAgirl confirmed one thing, "It might be possible to push an FPGA to do better hashing for ETH but not more than that". She said, it will not be a better profitable thing to do. Seeing new mysterious miners in Ethermine, and comparing it with OGG statement, I smell something is really smoking out there. 

With new bitstreams coming here and there, I feel the upcoming months will be good. Watch this space for more updates. If you like this post, please share.  

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