FPGA Mining - Public bistreams vs Private Bitstreams

For months now, FPGA miners are getting new bitstreams from a very few developers and they are getting a good profits it seems. When it comes to bistreams, often the developers keep the format secret and choose their customers wisely. They dont want to give it to the spying coin devs. But that's not the case for Public bitstreams, as the name indicates it is available for general public. Whoever has the knowledge of setting up an FPGA can download and put their hands on the new BS.

There is a new term circulating for days now, PRIVATE BITSTREAM. The word might be common among developers because it was rumored that developers mine using the private bistreams for months before making it public. The trend has shifted now as the FPGA investors are about to go crazy, for no considerable profitable BS available for download. Developers noted it and started launching such bitsreams. As everyone predicted, private bistreams were sent to people who are associated with FPGA and trustworthy. The main reason behind this is, coin developers should never know about their coin being mined by FPGA. 

Not just the famous developer, but new developers too adopted this and it is proved to be working just fine. Private BS giving good profits and the miners are not dumping as I thought earlier so the coin price is super steady. If the developers support this vision, Im sure a coin can be mined for a longer time with huge profits. 

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